Zachary Hofer is a proud Long Island Tradesman. Operating out of our Central Islip property at 48 Windsor Place, the 25-year old tenant has been featured in Newsday advocating for a new generation of welders.

“The older generations are getting out of this trade and retiring,” he explains. “It’s hard to find people to do what we’re doing.”

Unlike many other careers, the welding trade is suffering from a shortage of workers, with the industry only growing 6% annually. While automation helps, the demand for metalworkers increases alongside technological advances. The more we rely on the latest technology, the more we need skilled metalworkers.

Zachary has yet to find somebody his age in the trade. He grew up working on cars with his father, who eventually got a welder from his neighbor. They began welding go-karts, which ultimately led to Zachary pursuing the craft in trade school.

“The projects that we take on,” he laughs, “it’s not a little go-cart anymore.”

Zach has accumulated over eight years of experience to date, and is visibly passionate about the process. “The satisfaction from when I was younger to now is still the same,” he says. “It’s just the projects and size that grow, which is nice to see.”

Now, he runs his own welding services company by the name Hoferbuilt. Specializing in metal fabrication, handrail welding, and more, Zachary’s operation is looking to add a third location. Hoferbuilt has earned a reputation for quality service throughout the Suffolk County area. You can inquire about his services on their website.

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